There is no registration fee, no clever clauses in the the Terms and conditions and no minimum subscription period.

We are interested in genuine long term customer relations and quality service.

We’ve got thousands of satisfied customers across the globe and this is what some of them think:

“Thanks a lot! Finally got it to work and managed to watch Formula one race just on time! Great service!”

Henk K.

“Thanks for the info, I ... am loving the fact I can watch 4 and E4 now. Great service, thanks so much.”

Tony :D (Mac)

“Watched the final of Dancing on Ice. Brilliant.”


“Thank you.... got it to work. In full screen they all have elongated heads but what the hell ...long life and prosper!”


“Thank you for your efforts. As of yesterday it's all working. We're in the UAE and ... can't stay off the thing! Got the newsletter too which seems to open up further possibilities. Square eyes here I come!”


“ absolutely brilliant service! Thanks!" 
Steve P. Abu Dhabi

" soon as we got set up, we realised what we had been missing."
Jamie C. Beijing

"Setting your service up was really really did work within 10 minutes."
Patrick T. Berlin

"I am really happy with TV4Expats"
Claire J. Vienna

"Watching the England match was brilliant...."
Pete A. Santiago

"It took us a while to set up but when we did it was great to be able to watch what we wanted when we wanted to."
Reema W. Jordan

To use our service you need the following:

  1. -A computer with a modern operating system installed

  2. -An internet connection with at least 500 kbps download speed (test here).


Subscribing is easy and safe. By using Paypal we offer you complete control over your payments. We’ll even return your 99p if you are not satisfied!

  1. BulletNo risk

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per month
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