Step 3. Connect

Step 4. Watch TV
There are three or four places that most of our users choose to connect to in order to view TV programmes.

To watch live TV choose Zattoo, register with them whilst connected with our service and then enjoy high quality TV.

BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 & Sky offer live and catch up services which can be accessed through their websites. The BBC service can be viewed on an iPhone

The third option popular with our customers is Hulu which allows you to access a wide variety of US TV channels.http://zattoo.com
Mac support centre
Windows support centreTV4EXPATS_-_UK_%26_US_TV_live_and_on_demand_-_Support_for_watching_TV_using_Windows.html
iPhone / iPod Touch support centreTV4EXPATS_-_UK_%26_US_TV_live_and_on_demand_-_Support_for_watching_TV_using_your_iPhone_or_iTouch.html

By providing you with a set of installers, we help you get started straight away. In a matter of minutes you can be watching you favourite programme or sporting event.

  1. No hardware

  2. Quick set up

  3. Effective support


Click here to obtain more support if you’re having difficulties.

To use our service you need the following:

  1. -A computer with a modern operating system installed

  2. -An internet connection with at least 500 kbps download speed (test here).