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Installing the TV4Expats Service into your computer

There are two ways that you can use to install our service into your computer. The first is to download one of our installers and follow the step-by-step installation instructions below. This is the recommended method of installation.

1. Download the installer and double click on the downloaded file. 
2. Choose the server from the list (for example United Kingdom (IS-07735))
3. Click the ‘Properties’
Click on the ‘Security’ tab 
Click on ‘IPsec Settings’ button
Enter the number ‘52003017’ in the box labelled ‘Key’. This is your Pre-Shared key. You will need to enter this number for every single server that you connect to.
Click ‘OK’
Click ‘OK’ again
Enter your User name in the appropriate box (from your Welcome email)
 Enter your Password in the appropriate box (from your Welcome email)
 Select, ‘Save this user name for the following users:’
 Click on the ‘Connect’

If you are having difficulty, you should use the manual installation method.

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By providing you with a set of installers, we help you get started straight away. In a matter of minutes you can be watching you favourite programme or sporting event.

  1. BulletNo hardware

  2. BulletQuick set up

  3. BulletEffective support

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Click here to obtain more support if you’re having difficulties.


To use our service you need the following:

  1. -A computer with a modern operating system installed

  2. -An internet connection with at least 500 kbps download speed (test here).